Math for All

Video Case Studies to Support the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Standards-based Mathematics Classrooms

About the Math for All Project

Standards-based reform is bringing increased rigor and quality into mathematics education for all students. These reforms, however, have not been fully available to students with physical, developmental, sensory, and learning disabilities because teachers are often not well prepared to implement standards-based mathematics education with heterogeneous groups of students that include students with disabilities.

Bank Street College of Education and EDC's Center for Children and Technology have collaborated to develop digital resources for preservice and in-service professional development to better prepare teachers for serving students with and without disabilities within a standards-based mathematics curriculum.

Getting Started

In this case, we focus on two boys, one with language delay and one with attention deficit disorder, and one girl who struggles with mathematics concepts and skills.

Case Study Details

What's New

We just completed the production of our fourth video case study [Organizing and Presenting Data]. This case features a lesson on Data Analysis conducted in a fourth-grade dual-language classroom. Let's test if this adds more to the picture.

Upcoming Events

Designing Digital Video Case Resources for Mathematics Teacher Education
March 1-5, 2005
SITE International Conference, Phoenix, Ariz.

Math for All:
Inclusive Mathematics Curriculum in the Elementary Classroom
(New Perspectives Course)

April 15-16, 2005
Bank Street College of Education, New York, N.Y.
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