General Immigration Sites 

Immigration College Course (1800s to the present) Key site! Course created by Professor Thomas J. Archdeacon at U.Wisc. Madison entitled "Ethnicity in 20th Century America." Excellent site for information and further links on immigration.  Includes images, statistical information, and maps. Archdeacon is the editor of the Immigrant Heritage of America Series for Twayne Publishers. He is also the general editor of a recently released a CD-ROM on "The Immigrant Experience" (Primary Source Media, 1997). 

Genealogy Information  A list of sites prepared by Janyce.  There are some good links to sites about German, Jewish and Irish family history.  If nothing else, this is a good place to get family names. 

Immigration History Research Center Located at University of Minnesota.  Resource for data on U.S. immigration and ethnic history.  Can look up listings, but collection not online. 

Migration & Ethnic Relations Virtual Library  Exhaustive listing of institutions, groups, organizations, etc. that conduct research, provide information on immigration.  Primarily contemporary, but many interesting sites. 

American Immigration Immigration into the US: statistics and reasons for.  Site no longer being updated. 
Eighth grade research papers on immigration.  Many topics covered, some with links, such as Potato Famine, Italian Immigration, etc. 

Virtual Immigration Museum.  Various links organized by immigration topic provided.  Some graphic information.  Note that some links are outdated. 

Lives of Immigrants on the Lower East Side of NYCity at the Turn of the Century.  Excellent site for articles written during the period by the major proponents of reform during the time (Riis included).  Covers such topics as child labor, execrable tenement conditions, and immigrant life in the city. 

 Chinese Immigration       [ Return to Top ]

Museum of the City of San Francisco.  List organized by topic, scroll down to Chinese for primary source articles, cartoons. 

Overview of Chinese Immigration.  Brief excerpt from Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia. 

Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882 Verbatim text of act. 

Resource links to China sites  Primarily contemporary sites/ articles listed. 

German Immigration       [ Return to Top ]

German Immigration to Missouri  Text of a lecture. 

German Immigration and Passenger Lists This is a lengthy review of two books, German Immigrants and Germans to America.  While there are no passenger lists here, there are many charts giving statistics of German immigration, names of ships and captains,  ports of origin,  and the duration of the voyages. 

German Immigrants in Winona, Minnesota 
German Immigration Stories  Links to sites with stories of people who emigrated from Germany 

German and Irish Immigration to the US in mid-nineteenth century America. Book listing. 

German genealogy.  List of sites supporting genealogical research,  including sites that provide lists of passengers on ships. 

List of links for German immigration. Genealogical search. 

Teaching units on Germany.  Including one on German immigration. 

Jewish Immigration       [ Return to Top ]

Jewish Immigrants in Winona, Minnesota 

Jewish Immigration  Descriptions of three different periods of Jewish immigration 

Pictures of Jewish Immigrants 

Chronology of Jewish Immigration  Timeline and photographs of Vilna 

History of the Jews in Russia  What daily life was like in the shtetl, the little Jewish town.  This site has an excellent text history and photographs of people, occupations, clothing, habitations. 

Jewish Genealogical Research.  Well organized site on how to conduct genealogical research and sources of passenger lists. 

The American Jewish Historical Society.  Good site for connections to other locations on Jewish history.  Check out the superb bibliography of "esssential readings" on the Jewish people in America. 

The Jewish Museum (New York).  Excellent site for information on Jewish life in America, New York in particular. 

YIVO Center for Jewish Research.  Includes photo collection on Eastern European Jewish immigration to the US. 

Resource Lists 
Judaism and Jewish resources on the Web.  Lists 300+ web sites for information on Judaism and the Jews. 

Eastern European Jewish resources.  Khazaria center site that lists by region various sites on Jewish history, culture, archaelogy. 

Related Sites 
Jews in the Southwest.  History, life, and culture of Jewish pioneers who settled in Southwest America.  Includes photos and biographical information. 

Jewish life in the 19th century.  Primarily about Jews in the Civil War, but contains biographical information and primary source documentation. Difficult site to download (takes time). 

Irish Immigration       [ Return to Top ]

Irish Family History Foundation  This is a commercial site which helps people of Irish ancestry research thistory of their families for a fee.  One screen lists all the counties in Ireland in alphabetical order. 

Traditional Irish Cloaks and Capes  Photographs of traditional cloaks and capes for sale 
Traditional Irish Clothes  Photographs of traditional Irish clothing for sale 
Resource list of Famine Related Sites Superb listing of articles, collections, essays, fiction, songs, peotery, education sites, and more on the Famine. Many are primary source, others are contemporary assessments of the past. 

Sample lesson on Famine  From Classroom Connect Magazine.  Good basic plan, needs to be adapted.  Lists some good sites for students (see below). 

Extensive Collections of Famine Materials 
Overview of Famine (The Irish Famine, 1845-50, by Liz Szabo, University of Virginia).  Good site for students to begin research from.  Historical perspective w/ photos. 

Overview of Famine 1.  Good site for students: contrast w/ earlier site since this one gets into more of the science of the blight. 
Articles/ Cartoons on the Irish Famine (from that period) Excellent site for articles and cartoons from the period from many different perspectives eg. Cork Examiner, Punch, and other Irish and English publications. 

A Wee Bit of the Irish+  A comprehensive site, including audio, about Irish Immigration 

Fiona Hyland's Home Page Lots of good data, including culture, names and many links to other Irish sites. 

The Great Famine Commemoration (by Conrad Bladey) Ideas for commemorating famine.  Info on fungus, etc. 

Irish Views of the Famine (University of Virginia) Two diaries from the period along with Irish newspaper articles from the time period. 

Irish History: The 'Famine' (Jackie Dana) A list of related sites.  Some are maps which include statistics and related articles to the particular area highlighted on map. 

The National Archives of Ireland List of information available for research.  Does not provide any documentation though. 

Requiem For 1847: Resources and Summation (by Christina Roden) Provides information/ lists on non-print (music, films) and other print materials on the famine (poetry, books.).  Also links to other famine related sites. 

Short Descriptions of the Famine 
The Great Famine (at Ireland's Eye) Short excerpt from book; good brief overview. 

The Irish Potato Famine: 1846-1851 (Bryan Emerson) Historical overview, w/ a few links. 

The Irish Famine: 1845-9 (Marjorie Bloy, Brown University) Political overview. 

The Irish Potato Famine (Broome County, NY Genealogy site) Reasons for Irish immigration and Irish achievements in America. 

Ireland History (Cleveland Hill Schools, Cheektowaga, NY) Good brief overview for students: includes photos, diary excerpts. Includes interesting facts such as communal coffin. 

The Potato Famine (by Joel O'Connor, Greenwich Village Gazette) Survey of topic w/ print images. 

The Irish Famine (Danny Brown) Series of images w/ commentary on images. Includes Queen Victoria on Ireland issue. 

News Articles & General Essays: Current Perspectives on Past 
Living with the ghosts of the Potato Famine (Detroit News, August 20, 1995) Good example of journalism of current times interviewing and doing research on the past.  Could be used as example for students to write own article. 

UMass Irish Studies Professor Cites Lingering Effects of Blight (Science News press release) Psychological impact of famine on Irish. 

Regional Essays 
The Famine in Cavan   Regional history along w/ general overview. 

The Great Famine in Mayo History of famine in Mayo County. 

 The Great Famine in County Fermanagh (from The Clogher Record, 1994) Excellent site for County's history, includes exceprts from local newspaper articles and statistics on agriculture and emigration from the period along with articles on causes, factors influencing impact of famine. 

Non-Print Media Productions 
The Irish in America : Long Journey Home (PBS production) Site for series which includes audio excerpts of how to pronounce Irish names, tracing Irish ancestors, and contributions of Irish Americans. 

Common Ground : The Potato Famine (Recordings produced by EMI Records) Notes on songs, history, and artists contributing to album.  No audio. 

Famine (song by Sinead O'Connor) Lyrics to song/ contemporary take on Ireland.  No audio. 

Poetry & Fiction 
Hunger Poems (by Máighréad Medbh) Series of poems following family through famine.  Good index and links to other poetry sites. 

The Journal of Maggie O'Connell Journal from 1845 of 12 year old girl as emigrates to Tennessee. (fiction?) 

The Famine (by Róisín Hambly) Poem about man who sees family starving and commits desperate act.  Good poem to use w/ early adolescent students. 

 AOH Irish Famine Education Project List of books, primarily for adults, provided by the Ancient Order of Hibernians. 

Bibliography of the Great Famine (Université Rennes, France) Listing of books, resources on the famine. 

Great Famine Bibliography (Conrad Bladey) Listing of many print, non-print works. 

Scandinavian Immigration       [ Return to Top ]

Scandinavian Immigration.  Site created by 5th graders--covers influences and immigration of Scandinavian people. Good basic site. 

Swedish emigration.  Overview of history of Swedish emigration to the U.S. along with links to other sites. 

Swedish genealogy.  List of sites to search for names, ancestors. 

Italian Immigration       [ Return to Top ]

Italian immigration Letter from LM to grandmother indicating how proud LM is of Italian heritage after researching Italiam immigration to US. Good example of second generation letter and as reading that can be used to extract factual information. 

Italian genealogy.  Starting site for genealogical research. 

Eastern European Immigration       [ Return to Top ]

Russian immigration to Pittsburgh.  Brief history of Russian immigration to that city. 

Geography Sites       [ Return to Top ]

Historical Map Web Sites 

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection 

Primary Source Documents       [ Return to Top ]

The Digital Classroom- primary sources, etc. for educators and students 

Printed Materials 
A Chronology of US Historical documents arranged by period 

Documents in American history gopher menu 

US Historical Documents Chronological index and access to significant U.S. historical documents eg. Constitution, etc. 

Making of America Library & Journal Collection.  Massive site that contains digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection contains approximately 1,600 books and 50,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints. The Making of America collection is made up of  images of the pages in the books and journals. When you find something you want to look at, you will see a scanned image of the actual pages of the19th century volume. 

Internet Library of Early Journals.  Digitally scanned journals from 1700/ 1800s.  Titles include Blackwood's & Gentlemans' Magazine. 

Electronic Historical Publications.  Online versions of various publications from England, primarily, published from the 1800s onward.  Most relevant is Penny Magazine published in London for the working class in 1800s.  Problem w/ the site is that one cannot search by topic or keyword. 

Electronic Text Center (University of Virginia).  Many volumes online, organized by subject. 

Hanover College History Texts.  Organized by world region.  Also has good list of other electronic collections on the web as well as other sites of interest to historians. 
Images (Photographs & Prints) 

Color Photographs from the FSA and OWI Home Page . Photos from the Great Depression to WWII from the Farm Services Administration and the Office of War Information.  Library of Congress site. 
Panoramic Photographs Collection Library of Congress photographs from 1851-1991. 
Detroit Publishing Company Photographs Home Page This collection of photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company Collection includes over 25,000 glass negatives and transparencies as well as about 300 color photolithograph prints, mostly of the eastern United States. A small group within the larger collection includes about 900 Mammoth Plate Photographs taken by William Henry Jackson alongseveral railroad lines in the United States and Mexico in the 1880s and 1890s. The group also includes views of California,Wyoming and the Canadian Rockies. Search by Keyword (eg. immigrant) for appropropriate images. 

Related Sites 
WPA Life Histories--Home Page   The Library of Congress collection includes 2,900 documents representing the work of over 300 writers from 24 states, written between 1936-1940. Typically 2,000-15,000 words in length, the documents consist of drafts and revisions, varying in form from narrative to dialogue to report to case history. The histories describe the informant's family education, income, occupation, political views, religion and mores, medical needs, diet and miscellaneous observations. Click on Search by keyword and then search on your group (i.e., German, Jewish, Italian, etc.)  When you get a list of documents, open at least five. 

New Deal Network Documents related to New Deal/ FDR era. 

Museums, Collections and Exhibitions       [ Return to Top ]

List of all American Memory Collections and Topics Library of Congress site:  massive. 

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum 

Jacob Riis exhibit- Museum of the City of NY 

List of online museum resources 

Ellis Island Sites       [ Return to Top ]

Virtual Tour of Ellis Island by Queensbury Middle School (NY) Site created by Queensbury Middle School.  Adapted from simulation software by Interact ( called Gateway.  Interesting to see how the school did simulation/ adapt software (eg. photos and diary entries of "immigrants").  Tips on adapting software; good photos. 

Ellis Island/ Statue of Liberty Foundation Official site of Ellis Island.  Good for visiting info.  Search for ancestors on "American Immigrant Wall of Honor." 

Keystone-Mast Collection of Photographs  24 images of immigrants and immigration process at Ellis Island in early 20th century.  Site also contains images of Native Americans and other cultures ("international studies" collection).  From the California Musuem of Photography at the University of California, Riverside.  These 3D images would have been sold to schools and libraries as well as more wealthy families as educational sets. 

International Channel Ellis Island overview Excellent site! Good overview w/ interesting photos, audio clips of immigrants.  Created in conjunction w/ Ellis Island Museum, National Parks Service. Includes recipes. 

History Channel Ellis Island overview Good site for overview of immigration into Ellis Island.  Features audio clips of immigrants, article by Pete Hamill. 

Electronic Ellis Island.  Site created by Bellingham, WA school. 
Teacher lesson using Internet.  Ellis Island lesson plan using other Internet sites as source material. 

Educator Sites       [ Return to Top ]

Teacher Talk Journal  Online teacher education journal published by Indiana University, Center for Adolescent Studies.  Has lesson plans on many topics, including immigration, as well as articles on classroom management, etc. 

Lesson Plan gophers 
Classroom Connect Magazine  Lesson plans on many topics.  Good ideas and provides links for students to continue research on given topic. 

Gateway to Educational Resources online.  Search engine and access to resource materials, lesson plans on various topics.  Keyword: emigrants for immigration information. 

Teaching Resources online.  Syllabi, course descriptions (primarily undergraduate level) of various courses in multiple disciplines. 

Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre:  Topics in History, Art History, Architecture.  Search by topic and provides listing of other sources of information.  Excellent resource/ good start up site. 

Related Sites       [ Return to Top ]

Liberty: the conservative view 

Index of American Lit on line 

Lyrics finder #1 Type in the name of the song and find the lyrics. 

Lyrics finder #2  Type in the name of the song and find the lyrics. 

Internet Movie Database Search 

International Recipes 

African-American History And Culture  Starting site for looking at African-American history. 

Cato Institute Report on Immigration today.  Contrast between present-day immigration with that which occurred in 1800s. 

Present day broadcasts on immigration issues.  KZPG archives on US immigration news. 

Growth of America, 1860-1920.  (Karen Schill) Organized by topics (eg. Industry & invention) that cover that time. 

Angel Island.  (CitySearch, ABC) Brief summary of the Pacific equivalent to Ellis Island. 

Country Studies, Library of Congress.  Series of studies on various countries, primarily contemporary, but include history. 

Books to order on immigration. 

Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia online.  Knowledge Adventure encyclopedia: search by topic for brief articles. 

American West.  Presentation of history & development of American West. Award-winning site.