James H. Bowen High School

James H. Bowen High School commemorates the efforts of its namesake to economically develop the South Chicago community. Once a center of thriving steel mills, which contributed heavily to United States' efforts in World Wars I and II, today the area is economically depressed as a result of the closing of most of its industries.

A 9th through 12th grade general high school serving Chicago's Southeast Side for more than a century, Bowen's current student population is approximately 1,200 with 49% Hispanic and 51% African-American, including a small number of Haitian-Creole students.

Since 1993, Bowen has gradually moved to a small school or school-within-a-school structure built around 6 themes, with two additional small schools to be implemented in 1997-98. The small schools are:
The MacArthur Foundation has supported our small schools efforts since their inception through the Chicago Cluster Initiative, the Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center and the University of Illinois' Small Schools Workshop.

As the impact of the Inquiry Initiative moves from its initial contact through the Teacher Academy and Bowen's Social Studies Department to the larger faculty, we expect to expand performance-based/project-based learning by implementing Cooperative Learning and Peer Coaching Programs.

Although student progress is measured by the system through standardized test scores, which have recently shown considerable improvement at Bowen, evidence of student work abounds in projects from a rich variety of disciplines and small schools.

Under the auspices of a highly supportive Local Schools Council, our school has fostered productive relationships with community organizations, such as the Southeast Youth Services Board, and city, state and national organizations and agencies.

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