Salmon P. Chase Elementary School

Our school is a local neighborhood Chicago Public School of 840 students aged 4 - 14 located in a predominately low-income, Hispanic community. More than half of our students are in a transitional bilingual program (Spanish-English). The physical plant consists of a 104 year old building in the process of being renovated and a six year old annex. The school community faces difficult challenges with gang and drug-related activities. The majority of our parents are very committed and concerned with their children's school success. However, too many of them face great difficulties in their daily struggle to survive, and they are not as able to support their children's learning as they'd like to be.

We have been a Comer school since 1993. The Comer School Development Process (SDP), a MacArthur Foundation supported program , addresses whole school change by involving all stakeholders in making decisions in the best interests of the child's development. We support the physical, emotional, social, ethical, and academic development of our children. We use the guiding principles of consensus, collaboration and no fault. Because of the Comer process, we went from a school of two buildings and two languages with 34 classroom teachers working in isolation, to a whole school that works together to design child-centered curriculum and to address issues facing our children and their families.

Our work with the School Change and Inquiry Program has been involved with telling the "story of our school" by focusing on teaching and learning in the classrooms as reflected in student work and by examining in depth the learning community.

For more information, please contact:

Olga LaLuz, Principal
Salmon P. Chase Elementary School
2021 N. Point St.
Chicago, Il 60657

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