Lindblom Technical High School

Lindblom Technical High School 7-12 is a college preparatory school with a middle school (grades 7 - 8) component. The school provides a rigorous course of study that challenges students to achieve at their highest potential. Students pursue their studies in a personalized atmosphere in which they work independently or cooperatively as teachers facilitate the learning process. The school's motto is "Welcome to Lindblom - where excellence prevails."

Located on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, Lindblom serves Chicago public school students who reside south of Roosevelt Road. Students who score at or above national norms on standardized tests are eligible to apply for admission to the high school. Students entering the seventh or eighth grade who reside within established boundaries are eligible for admission to the middle school.

The school's mission statement is as follows:
It is the vision of Lindblom Technical 7-12 to provide an exemplary curriculum and healthy, productive school climate to prepare graduates for acceptance into colleges, universities, or post-secondary training programs in preparation for the world of work.

Several internal/external systems support the "Lindblom Family." These liaisons include business and industry partnerships, post-secondary articulation agreements, and parental support programs.

School programs and methodologies that support the Nine Common Principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools include the following:
For more information, please contact:
Mrs. Cheryl J. Rutherford, Principal
Lindblom Technical High School
6130 South Wolcott Avenue
Chicago, IL 60636

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