EDC Center for Children and Technology
Union City Online: An Architecture for Networking and Reform

Director: Margaret Honey
Contact: Han-hua Chang
Funder: National Science Foundation

CCT is exploring the use of telecommunications technology to support three key themes of educational reform in Union City, NJ: student-driven inquiry, portfolio assessment and parental involvement. In addition to generating extensive knowledge about effective architecture for high-speed networking in schools, CCT is working with the district to create training programs that assist teachers in integrating Internet resources into the curriculum. By creating community authoring initiatives that bring together teachers, students and parents to create World Wide Web resources, CCT is facilitating the transfer of technical and design expertise from corporate and non-profit collaborators to the local community.

For more information, please read CCT Reports Issue No. 3 and visit the Union City Website.

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Last Update: 1/27/97
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