Education Development Center, Inc.
Center for Children and Technology

SuperQuest 1989-1995:
Research and Evaluation

CCT Reports Issue No. 8
June 1996

Prepared by:
Clareann Grimaldi
Daniel Light
Jan Hawkins
EDC Center for Children and Technology



Research Method

Design of SuperQuest Program

Application Process
Summer Institutes
Technology Connection/Hardware
Post-Institute Activity
Program History

Quantitative Analyses: Large Sample of SQ Schools

Teacher Characteristics and Experiences
School Characteristics
Teachers' Perspectives on Super Quest
Teachers' Evaluation of SQ
Student Characteristics and Experiences

Qualitative Analyses: Success Criteria and Mediating Factors

Criteria for Success
Factors that Influence Success

Qualitative Analyses: School, Teacher, and Student Portraits

SQ Institutes: Summary of Interviews with Institute Staff

Summary and Recommendations


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