About this CD-ROM

To promote gender equity in science, engineering and mathematics, the National Science Foundation's Programs for Women and Girls (PWG) Division has supported over 100 curricular innovations, professional development efforts, and informal learning opportunities for women and girls. In 1998, the EDC/Center for Children and Technology published the CD-ROM NSF Program for Women and Girls: A Lifetime of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics to showcase the broad range of solutions that innovators across the country have developed to address key gender equity issues at every developmental stage in women's lives. The material included on that CD-ROM is now available in full on this Website.

A Lifetime of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics provides a glimpse into the people, the implementation issues, the successes, and the insights associated with gender equity projects funded by the National Science Foundation through Spring of 1998. Navigation through the projects is designed to call attention to how interventions look across the pipeline -- from young girls to adult women in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics.